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Tiki Mouse is all sorts of things for me but mostly it is just fun. I love it. It is a nod to Dick’s ubiquitous artwork and recognition that colour and humour make life grand. It is like a child’s storybook character and how much more innocent can an image get? But then of course it has the subtext of appropriation and lack of respect given to a cultural icon that asks the question any artwork should ask. Why? What I have come to understand clearly is that in the Pakeha World the Tiki is one of the most trusted Maori emblems and ideas. There is a huge amount of ownership invested by Pakeha in the Tiki. Pakeha Tiki are an absolute affirmation of the place of Maori in Aotearoa by Pakeha. It may seem crazy that such an affirmation is warranted or needed but in my view, the lack of true communication between Maori and Pakeha has resulted in a deadening of perception in the relationship. So there are dozens of strange and bent Tiki out there and I love them because the show a desire to be part of...

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