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If I had a daughter I think I would call her Queenie. I have a huge fondness for the name created by occasions in my youth when I met Maori women who were blessed with this endearing title. Elizabeth II has a soft spot in the heart of most Kiwis. I think this goes for Maori also. We all know she has done her best. Hers is not the constant imperialism of Victoria. Lizzy represents the crown but we have also seen her grow up from a young woman to a senior citizen who has seen her share of heartache and embarrassment through her tragic families public failings. She has also presided over the waning of the British Empire and the Commonwealth with dignity. So this image is one that expresses this nations fondness for her. Her clothing is taken from a nineteenth century Maori woman of high birth to create the connection to Aotearoaland and the effect looked for is more Kiwiana than political punch. While I am usually a fiercely independent personality I find myself in no hurry to kick the monarchy to touch. Not because is it brilliant but because the alternative most certainly seems not to be.

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