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Arohanui Tui

Lester Hall Art Arohanui Tui



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Again I am blessed with a dozen or more Tui, dog fighting and hooning from flax flower to flower and cabbage tree to cabbage tree. Always seeming as if this very moment is the most urgent of any in life. Arohanui Tui is a simple celebration of their love of flowers and the romantic way I find myself viewing them. The colour of the Tui is something to behold from a close range with sun firing energy through iridescent feathers. Their bravado and character make my spirit leap even more. They are my favourite intersection with the natural environment of this land by far. A reason to celebrate being a New Zealander which by far surpasses even the dolphins I often encounter when sailing my beach cats out in the Bay. I say this because I might encounter dolphins anywhere on a coast the World over, but the Tui is ours, our summer joy, the laughter of nature itself. These birds are a special concoction of flight, eclat and chortling song, dogfight and dance. Bless them.
So here is the Tui, speeding with the gift of a "rode" to all of us.

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