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Kaka Life 

Lester Hall Art Expressionist Tiki



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We all love the mischievous, not the Machiavellian, and parrots are naughty birds, clever characters, engaging personalities and the Kaka is a much loved Aotearoan feathered rascal. Here the national treasure is hanging about finding entertainment in whatever you might like to imagine. The background is a bicultural mash of my mantra of Schoon's kowhaiwhai and the more and more referenced William Morris Victorian wallpaper flora motifs. The Kaka has made a well documented comeback in Wellington City but recently they have been spotted out Opito Way where I live and that is just grand. I hope these wonderful creatures become well known partners in our trees again.

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All works printed by the artist on Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper and K3 Archival Inks.